Zhimeng Guo
Ph.D. student
College of Information Sciences and Technology
Penn State University
Office: E348
Phone: (814)-321-1963

Email: GZJZ07[at]outlook.com
Here is my CV.(Last update: Dec.2020)

Currently, I am a first year Ph.D. student with the College of Information Sciences and Technology at Penn State University - University Park under the supervisor of Prof. Suhang Wang. In 2021, I obtained my Bachelor’s degree from University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC). My major is Mathematics and Physics Basic Science, which is in the Yingcai Honors College.

My current research focus on developing advanced Graph Neural Network. Revolving around this goal, I mainly study the following topics:

  • Graph Neural Network
  • Meta Learning

I am looking for a research intern position with a possible start date from summer 2022.



I joined Prof. Suhang Wang‘s research group and feels very happy as a member of it. I hope to be an independent researcher in the future. I will work hard for it!


I tried to combine different Meta Learning methods and Graph Neural Networks together to improve the accuracy of graph classification. The work is under the supervision of Huaxiu Yao.


I joined the Center For Future Media. There, I tried to calculate the index of structural information with graphlets and add the structural information of nodes for later convolution operations. I improved the accuracy about 0.5% of Graph Convolutional Networks. I was supervised by Prof. Lianli Gao.


I joined the Center For Complex Systems and Social Computing as a research assistant. I tried to classify the network with different indicators. Concretely, I used the Graphlet Correlation Distance to compare different networks and improved the classification effect. I was supervised by Prof. linyuan Lv.


I took part in 2019 Interdisciplinary Context In Modeling. I designed a network for Louvre and use it to estimate the evacuation time. I programed a cellular automata and use it to simulate the crowd. Finally my team was awarded as Meritorious Winner.

Honors & Awards

  • Outstanding Student Scholarship, top 10% in the Elite College, Year 2019
  • Ranked 46/4103 in IEEEXtreme 24-Hour Programming Competition, top 2%, Year 2019
  • Meritorious Winner of 2019 Interdisciplinary Contest In Modeling, top 10%, Year 2019
  • 2nd Prize of the “American Mathematical Modeling Contest Simulation in UESTC”, top 10%, Year 2018
  • Model Student Scholarship, 50% in the Elite College, Year 2018
  • 1st Prize of the “Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competion” in iSpace Pte.Ltd, Singapore, top 20%, Year 2018
  • 3rd Prize of the “Mathematical Competition in UESTC”, top 30%, Year 2018
  • 3rd Prize of the “Psychological Contest in UESTC”, top 20%, Year 2018